When nothing makes sense, I write. I feel when I have a pencil in my hand there is no judgment. The paper will not say or do anything but somehow, I find peace in the chaotic world around me. Though it is an inanimate object, I feel like I am talking to a crowd of people. Writing is something that I have dearly missed after surgery, because unlike humans, a pencil and paper is there whenever you need it. Not to say my friends aren’t amazing, it’s just like one of my ex-friend’s said in 8th grade they “can’t be my diary”.  This might sound contradicting but though there feels like there is an audience, it feels like I am talking to my best friend, something private. I’ve never experienced something as amazing to me as writing. I love how when I write I can be raw, I’m not afraid to say or do something to hurt anyone. Writing is where you see my heart.  Who I am. When I am writing , I feel untouchable, almost like no one can bring me down.

I hope someone finds something as amazing to them as writing is to me.

till we meet again,



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