Understanding us.

The thing about ADHD is people think you’re lazy, dumb, or just plain odd. but people gotta to realize that we’re not the only one. There are plenty of us out there we just don’t see it, because we’re constantly being told that we’re lazy, crazy and stupid. but we gotta realize that people will never understand no matter how much we want them to it’s not going to happen. we will never be able to force this thought that ADHD kids are NOT lazy or dumb or odd. Like earlier today someone was like “I know you don’t like to do this…” and I’m like “woah woah woah, kid..I never said I didn’t like it. Honestly, I never heard him tell me to do anything” Us ADHDer gotta realize ONLY we are the only ones who can understand our minds. ADHD isn’t something as obvious like downs (nothing against them or that community) that is visible to the eye. We gotta understand people will never understand us but us. And that’s okay.  😀 WE WILL BE OKAY:D



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