The Ronald McDonald Family Room

This past summer from June 13th – August 9th, my brother and I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the RMHC Family Room at Dell Children’s Hospital. I’m not a morning person. AT ALL. Let alone a Monday morning person, (excluding the first and last few weeks) every Monday morning I’d have to wake up at 8 to be at the hospital at 9. Some days faster than other, some days easier than others. But being able to watch babies leave the NICU, hearing how a baby survived four surgeries on his heart. Those are things that baffle me, the strength of a month old child. Man, I admire those babies in the NICU. The people you met are amazing too, I enjoy chatting with people knowing that maybe talking to that one dad about MTV’s Girl Code might be the highlight of his day because it was the one time he didn’t have to think of the chaos around him. Or posting posters ALL over the hospital with my brother to inform the NICU and PICU families about the dinner. You meet people near and far, some from Austin, some New Braunfels, and even one family from Louisiana.  No matter what you learn everyone has a stories and I’m grateful that I might be in someone else’s and to even hear their stories. I love those families.

I’m SO thankful the RMHC, not only for what they did for my parents and sister when she was hospitalized but for the opportunity they gave me to bring a smile to someone’s face.

So thanks Ms, Paula and everyone in the RMHC,




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