The love of a parent

So this blog is usually where my thoughts are put to paper or well, to the Internet. And I write about what I have experience. But today I’m not going to write about what I’ve experienced, well I guess in a way I have. I’m going to talk about parenthood and not just parenthood but the love of parent. I have talked about how I worked at the Ronald McDonald family room and I still find it astounding, awestruck in life on how these parents do it. They understand that today is not guaranteed, that tomorrow is not guaranteed and any moment that they have will be amazing. Little things won’t to bother them, because when you have something so big you hardly get the chance to say anything else. There are kids in there that they know aren’t gonna make it. But these parents still remain hopeful and even the worst days, they love. The parent’s love is so genuine. The love is so obvious everybody can see it. I guess love is an easy thing to have for your kids, but the love they have is so big. The love they have is unending. I have that love, and I’m so thankful for it.


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