Racism and Redskins.

Since I was a kid my parents taught me that racism isn’t okay. That one day I’d be judged based on what I looked and that I shouldn’t make fun of someone based on their ethnicity.

At the age of 12, I was told by a kid that I should wipe the dirt off their legs to ” practice the work of my people.” One of my dear friends was told that she would never be able to get what she was working on right because all she would ever be was “just blonde and stupid.”

See, I flat out tell my friends that I do not do racist jokes because to me; they just aren’t funny. Recently, I stopped characterizing people by their ethnicity. “So I was talking to some asian dude…” or “I accidentally bumped into this black girl…” Why does it matter what race they are? It’s not necessary, so I just stop saying it.

The whole thing about the Redskins controversy that irks me is that people say it’s just a name.

It ISN’T just a name.

Otherwise, n***** would be just a word.
Maybe teens have made it to be just a word, but it isn’t. I know I would never be caught dead cheering for a team called “the n words” or “the crackers” or “the beaners.” So, I am definitely not a Redskins fan.

I feel that the right to change the team’s name should be given to any Native American citizen. That if they feel that it’s something that degrades them it should not be used. I feel people should have the decency to respect other people and their cultures.

Maybe to people it’s just a logo or just a name. But to me, it’s the thought that we have not evolved as a nation to accepted other people.

Maybe I’m just hyper sensitive but I’d rather be hypersensitive than insensitive any day.

It’s a petty argument for the mere fact that the answer is simple.
It’s a derogatory slang.
It’s not okay.



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