World Suicide Prevention Day

If you know you could say someones life by just saying “hi, how are you?” would you? No cost, no needles, or doctors. Just by acknowledging someone’s existence.

Some people say that suicidal should get help.


Then those same people say that they are just seeking attention, but really they are just seeking help.
When you’re in such a low place you tend to not see the world around you. I write this because I personally knew someone who has committed suicide. I’ve been there to talk someone out of suicide twice. It was probably one of the scariest moments of my life. Suicide is preventable, but often we don’t think to help till it’s too late. We need to be proactive. To listen, to talk, to just be there so they know they aren’t alone. Save a life in the easiest way possible, just say “hi”. Sometimes someone needs a reminder that they matter.


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