Dear 2014,

Dear 2014,

I dreaded you. I wanted to avoid you at all cost, I wanted you to somehow disappear, and never be found. You were something I wanted to be avoid more than the plague.

But you’re almost done, and to be honest, you weren’t that bad. I met people I love. I met people that became awesome friends. One is now my very bestfriend.

I mean we had our bad days. I mean really bad day, anxiety attacks and uncontrollably crying. Spending lunch in the library. I even kicked someone out of my house. I missed the Paramore concert that I wanted to go reallllyyy bad to. And let’s not forget the pneumonia!

But we had our great times: got the entire Boy Meets World series on DVD, had several snow days, put together Band Olympics, Prom (bittersweet), got pizza in detention, Lura’s graduation, Caleb’s graduation, got my lettermen, got the all clear on my arm! (thank the Lord!), had an amazing birthday, went to Kansas, had the best summer EVER, volunteered like crazy, First Day of Senior Year, Homecoming/Halloween. I made some major steps in conquering my anxiety, skipped school to see my cousin have a baby,  Thanksgiving, applied to my dream schools, and a crazy wonderful Christmas.

Overall, this was a great year. I am proud of what I’ve done and accomplished and I am scared but so excited for what is to come in 2015

Good bye 


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