A letter to my mom!



Oh my goodness, I have no clue what I’d do without you in my life! You’re  the type of person who will do all of the crazy thing (like staying up with your daughter as she writes a ten-page essay) just because you love us!

You are the strongest woman I know, like no joke. I don’t know anyone who can go through having a kid with a fatal disease and manages to keep her sanity! You gave Alexis stability and really brought truth to the saying “home is where your mom is.” You made Alexis’ short life beautiful, fun, and as best as she could’ve ever wanted.

I mean you make my life beautiful, fun, and the best…. even when I can be a curmudgeon! I know, I haven’t been as easy as pie. So thanks for putting up with me and loving me even when I am a toot and a half!

My favorite thing in the world is to see you excited, when you’re doing something you love there is like you step into another world. You, my mother, are the most creative person I know! I love the way you can just see things in your head and perfectly replicate it, leaving me awestruck.

Alexis, Caleb, and I are super blessed to have you in our lives, you make our lives so much more lovely and exciting.

You’re not just a great mom to us, but to your other kids. Ya know, the ones you hang out with from 7-3. Yeah, you love them so much. You give them confidence and stability. You are give them that extra push. You believe in them.

You never limited our dreams, no matter whether it is adopting kids or directing films or becoming a child life specialist or even that one time I wanted to be a pickle catcher (don’t judge me, I was three!) You tell us to go for it! You are our biggest fan and I am so grateful to have you by my side in this life-long journey.

You know, I hope when I grow up I am at least a smidgen of the mom you are, because even then I’d be one heck of a mom.

Thanks for being you… and birthing me…. I hear that’s not fun… so #sorrynotsorry?


Your kid,

Kristan Alexis Saucedo


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