My Work Name Tag

When I was a kid, my mom told me there were no rules to names. There were just common ways, and unique ways. Mine, of course, was the latter. I hated that people would never spell or pronounce my name right, especially people who really know me. It felt like sometimes they didn’t even care enough to learn how to spell/say it right. It was only one letter.  I never got a cheesy mug or keychain, never found a coke can either. Autocorrect will tell you its wrong, but it’s not. It’s just different. I know there’s more ‘Kristan’s out there, but over time, I learned to really love it. l loved being one of the few. I love how it looks when people write it out. I love making ways for people remember it. And still love when people spell it right. Nothing compares to the excitement when I receive something official written out with my name right (ie: my name tag, a mug, a gift) because I know it was made just for me. It wasn’t something easy to just buy at any ole store. So yeah, maybe a name tag isn’t that special, but mine is.


-Kristan with an a



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