An open letter to the boy that took advantage of my best friend

I’m the girl that your ex-girlfriend was always talking about. I’m the girl you tried to win over so badly, because you knew in order to get to her heart you had to get through me first. I’m her best friend. But see, it didn’t matter how much you tried when we first physically met, because at that point I already had my mind made up about you. I didn’t like you. 
Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always disapprove of you. In fact, I used to cheer you on. I used to hope that you and her would live all happily ever after. I thought you were a really stand up guy, a true gentlemen. But that all changed. You crushed that fantasy in my mind. When you made the choices you did and did the things I thought you would never do. I’ll admit it, I immediately lost all respect for you. 
There’s lines you can cross, but you crossed the wrong line.. and to make it worse, you did it more than once. You know what she’s been through and you had the gaul to do that to her!?
You should be upset, you should be disappointed, you should be mad. You let the most valuable girl in the world slip through your fingers. You let the most amazing you’ll ever meet just walk away from you, and you didn’t even fight for her. You used her and expect her to still be there for you. That’s where you’re wrong, buddy.
You and I both know, she’s extremely forgiving. I mean even after all that you put her through, she probably would forgive you. That’s alright, she should forgive you.
After you hurt her, you really messed her up. You shattered the person she was, and I’ll admit it took a lot to build her back up to the girl we all know and love. No matter how many guys hurt her, or whatever may happen I’ll always be there (with frozen veggies) to build her back up. Because that’s what best friends are for.
But I’ll never let her make that mistake, I promise to you right now I will never let a guy ever take advantage of her like you did.  I’ll never let a boy play with her emotions like you did. I’ll never sit there and tell her that maybe a guy could change, because you taught me much better than that. 
There are days I just want to punch you square in the face. I see you are still involved in her life and it’s nothing bad, but just hearing your name sometimes is enough to annoy me. Yeah, it sounds like I hate you but I really don’t.
I’m actually really thankful for you. You taught her so much. You taught her that Prince Charming might not always be that charming. You taught her what she wants, and what she should expect from her future husband. You showed her that she was strong enough to walk away and that she way better than any fling you could ever have. You taught her she was more than a glorified make out sesh. You taught her that she is worth the world and that she should never settle for anything less than the best.
So for that, I’m thankful. 
I know you will never get it, you’ll never understand the depth of what you lost. But know that in my eyes she’s worth more than gold.
I wish you the best, and hopefully you will grow from all this and change.. not only for you but for your future girlfriend.
Best Regards,
-The best friend


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