My Goodbye to UMHB

Dear Mary Hardin-Baylor,

Typically when ever I heard those three words they were about to begin a public group recitation of  the school song. I’d pretend that I know it, because to be completely honest, I don’t. There’s just so many adjectives. So I just stand there with my “C” and mouth the words I did know.

Leaving UMHB is a bittersweet mix of emotions, I never imagined transferring but then again I never imagined to be here. Now, here I am sitting in a room filled with barren walls and boxes filled with all my belongings and my dreams. Where am I headed? home.

Home was so good. I am so excited to be home. Being with my momma and pops, it’ll be good. For the past five years all I wanted to do is go Texas State University for psychology. The stars didn’t align just right so I wound up at a place I never expect, but it was good.

Belton was an adventure. Coming here, I knew no one. For someone with social anxiety, that’s a nightmare. Coming to UMHB was a big challenge, I learned a lot about myself.

I learned that I can do things I never thought I could. I’ve learned that I doubt myself way too much. I’ve learned that I can make friends without relying on others. I’ve learned that can take care of myself. I’ve learned that even if I am loud mouthed, I sometimes struggles to tell others when I am upset with something that they do. I’ve learned I’m super shy sometimes. I’ve learned that the relationship I have with my God is based on my ability to worship Him full out, hands raised, jumping, dancing, without a care in the world knowing He has everything taken care of. I’ve learned that my belief in Christ is something that is genuine, never forced. I’ve learned that I have a really open mind and I love those that others say that they could never. I’ve learned that I can bite my tongue. I’ve learned that even when people say I’m “too white” to be Mexican, I know who I am. I’ve learned to love her, beyond what physical or what not. Just love who I am. I love the person I see when I look at the mirror.

I leave here with more than I came here with. Yes, materialistically speaking. I am a girl with a huggge dorm room after all. But I also leave with so much more. I leave with all these things I’ve learned. I leave with self-confidence. I leave with my connections, my bosses. They really shaped me as a person and an employee. I leave with the things I love, with my friendships. My sassy squad. Gosh, I love them. I have met some of the most amazing people a girl could ever imagine having in her life. I leave with a full heart and a mind full of dreams.

Leaving Belton is more sad than I anticipated. No, Belton never became my “home.” But Belton has made a special place in my heart. This campus, this gorgeous campus and the gorgeous people I’ve met are what makes saying good bye to this place a little bit harder. Before I came to the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton wasn’t even in my mental map of Texas. Now, it’s a place that could never be taken off. It’s made its imprint on me and I hope in some way, I’ve made my imprint on it, too.

So now, I start my journey as a Bobcat, but I know I’m a Crusader Forever.

your truly,

Kristan A. Saucedo

ps- to the new Communications and Special Projects student worker, yes, you save this. It goes in the folder labelled “Blogs.” Sorry for giving you more work. You’ll love your bosses and the yearbook nerds, I know I do.





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