The Real World Season 31, Mormonism, and Racism

Okay, so as a Real World fan, a Southerner, and a best friend of Mormon, I wanted to write a post.

One girl on RW:31, Jenna Thomason is a self-proclaimed Southerner Mormon. I want to make it clear, Thomason in no way represents the South or the Mormon Church as a whole. 

Although I am not Mormon myself I know enough about the religion to know that the Thomason’s actions is not a reflection of the religion itself. Several things Thomason has done on the show are against the Mormon religion. Some of the actions include but are not limited to: swearing, drinking, having premarital sex, and even wearing bikinis is kinda on the iffy side. In fact, I am pretty sure most Mormons would not even watch the Real World let alone be on it. 

Thomason uses her religion to hide behind her ignorant comments and I hope people realize that she is not a representation of Mormonism. If you read my blog you will have seen that I have a blog series about my Mormon missionary best friend, Natalie, my best friend in no way acts the same way as Thomason. I would not be able to handle being friends with some who is okay with such ignorant and racist comments being said.

Also, Thomason in no way represents the South, either. I am a Southerner born and raised. I grew up around all different races, religions, political beliefs, and sexual orientations. Yes, I experienced racism and prejudice, but I was super fortunate that I was raised around people who for the most part have embraced me and the all things that make me who I am.

The Confederate Flag does not in any  way represent “Southern pride.” What the Confederate Flag represents is racism, hatred, bigotry, and backwards ways. No, I’m not saying that all the Confederate Flags need to be burned or whatever, what I am saying is it doesn’t need to be flown anymore. It should in textbooks and museums because it is apart of our American history, but that’s it. Just in the same way we have Nazi artifacts in the Holocaust Museums and world history textbooks.

Another thing I want to make clear is, Thomason is not a racism based on her friend’s comment. But she is a racist based on her reaction to her friend’s comment. I can understand that she was never a fan of her roommate, CeeJai Jenkins (who the comment was directed towards.) But to laugh it off like saying, “go pick cotton, b****” is ever an acceptable response to completely low. Even for Thomason who had said some pretty judgmental things toward her roommates. I would hope by now we are more evolved as a society than to insult someone’s heritage like that. Use all the petty names and insults but to allude that it is acceptable in today’s society to revert back to our awful past is simply and utterly disgusting.

Violence is wrong, Bunim-Murray Productions have always kicked off cast members for violent behavior. So kicking off Jenkins made sense, but I am honestly curious as to  why they didn’t kick Thomason off sooner for laying hands on Jenkins in the week prior. Her black eye could have easily been avoided, by all parties involved. The production team, Thomason, Thomason’s blurred out friend, and Jenkin all could have stopped it from happening. Jenkins had been pushed and pushed and pushed all season, and it came to the point she just couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe Jenkins could’ve taken it better and handle the situation differently but I know if I was in her same shoes it would be mighty hard not to sock Thomason in the face.

Okay, that’s all.




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