Diaries of a Missionary’s Best Friend: Day 42

A Note from the Blogger: I am Kristan Saucedo, I am a Pentecost. My specific denomination is Assemblies of God. However, my best friend, Natalie is a Mormon. As of April 20th, she is a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Seattle, Washington. Now that I have made that clear. This blog series will be a collection of thoughts that I have while she is away from me for a year and a half.  None of the things that are said in this blog series reflect the views or beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Natalie herself. It’s just mine, Kristan Saucedo. A Pentecost, a psychology nerd, a student, a daughter, a sister, and a Missionary’s Best Friend.


42 day, man. There’s so many changes going on. I’m going to my summer classes, I’m rearranging my room, I’m getting rid of a bunch of junk (and not just material items,) embracing the new changes.

About this time last year, we were embracing some new changes. High school graduation. They were scary. But the best new change was our friendship. Nat and I met in sophomore year, I don’t remember it. She does. My chemistry class went over to her chemistry class and watch some lame video, which led to little conversation.

We had the same friend group, and yeah, I knew her name and all but I didn’t really talk to her til the second semester of our senior year. We had journalism together. It was a majority freshmen class with five seniors. We all sat together from the beginning, minus Natalie, and dubbed our corner of the room the “Senior Corner.” Come second semester, a new girl came and stole Nat’s spot and she had to come all the way from the front right side of the classroom to the far left.

We started talking more and she immediately given this gift of always being able to read my emotions. I hated that. I am typically one to make feelings known, just only once I am absolutely certain about them. Her knowing my emotions made my emotions obvious before I wanted them to be. I hated that. I hate talking about my feeling and being vulnerable. She loved doing that.

I remember her writing in my yearbook “keep in touch after I we graduate” and I was like “psh, that’s not gonna happen..” I thought Nat was going to be one of those people you meet in high school and forget about two months later. I thought that once she moved to Utah after graduation, that was it. It wasn’t. We skyped lots, and texted more. We counted down the days til she came home and then the days til I went to Utah.

Life had way different plans than we had planned, but I hope life continues to pleasantly surprise us.


ps- here’s a pic of us from graduation, which btw is still to this day my favorite picture of us.

Natalie and me on the bus ride to graduation

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