So do you just not see yourself ever getting married?

Today, I was on the phone with my cousin, who I love so so much and he asked me the most famous question: “is there any new guys on the horizon?” My answer was my typical “nope. Not really looking for one either.” People think because college is where most people meet their spouses, that I should be actively searching for mine.

So when I answered no, my cousin asked “so do you just not see yourself ever getting married?” Yes, I see myself getting married. I am a hopeless romantic. I want that sweet banter I see between my parents, or just a nice person to hang out with ’til I drop dead like Luke and Lorelai.

Lorelai Gilmore love

I have a cheesy Pinterest board with all my fake wedding dreams. I know I want a tea-length dress, and I want my colors to be purple and some shade of blue. I know that if I were to be proposed to by my dream man tomorrow, I’d wait until at least April of 2018 to get married because Natalie would be back from her mission, settle into RM life, and finished with BYU for the summer (that way should could be my maid of honor, obviously!)

But I am not actively searching high and low for my future husband, and quite frankly I haven’t been for the past couple of years (blog post circa September of 2014.) I feel like it is called falling in love for a reason. You can’t force yourself into love, you just fall. Sometimes, I feel that kids my age are just looking and looking to find that right person that it ultimately consumes them and eventually they just settle. I’m not about that.

I have big dreams and right now, my priorities aren’t boys. Guys will come and go, but right now I have the opportunity to do something that not everyone can and that is go to college. I plan on taking full advantage of this gift of education. So school will always be first, boys will always behind it.

That does not mean that if I do meet some super chill dude I won’t date him. Of course, I’ll date him.. I have had relationships since my blog post in 2014. It just means I’m not on the search from him. Prince Charming will come when he comes but until then, I’m going to put all my energy in school and everything else will have to follow.


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