Staying sober in college

People of often refer to college as the best moments of your life. Moments that often include a red cup and copious amounts of alcohol. I haven’t really done that. And for a while when people asked why I didn’t, I blamed it on going to a small private Christian university.

But in all honesty, I never partied because it wasn’t something I ever wanted to seek out. I am huge introvert that grew up in an alcohol barren home. So parties just didn’t sound fun. People being sloppy, doing things they don’t remember or will regret in the morning, just wasn’t something I had the desire of experiencing.

That doesn’t that I am completely in the dark about alcohol, I have other family members, friends, and even some of my previous roommates who drink, I been to bars, seen drunk people, interacted with them, and received drunk calls and texts.

People wonder why don’t I want to drink yet? Am I brainwashed into thinking alcohol is bad? Am I scared of alcohol? I’m not scared of alcohol, I just don’t want to drink. It isn’t some big long drawn out reason, I just don’t want to. People think it’s an idea my parents force on me, but they never did. Yeah, they don’t drink so they wouldn’t cheering me on as I did a keg stand or anything. But the beauty of my relationship with my parents is that if I were to call them and say I was drunk and needed a ride they wouldn’t lecture me saying drinking is bad. They don’t care if I drink or if I don’t. They just want me to be safe.  I don’t drink because I just don’t want to. It’s not my kind of fun, I find fun in the little things, binge watching stuff on Netflix, reading a good book, writing my blog, talking with my friends.  

Don’t get wrong I get how it could be a lot of fun. I get how people enjoy escaping reality and seeking some relief. That’s great for them, it’s just not my cup of tea…. (ohhh, but I really like tea)


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