This Mexican-American’s view on Black Lives Matter

I wrote this for my sociology class and I got a lot of positive feedback on it, so here it is:

I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. No, I am not saying that only black lives matter, because I believe that we all have the right to live. This is a basic right that should never be taken away from us based on creed, color, occupation or orientation. But the Black Lives Matter movement brings to light the countless lives being lost due to police brutality. Black Lives Matter is not an anti-police movement, because not all policemen are bad. Just like in everything, there is good and there is bad. The Black Lives Matter movement is a way to say we will not stay silent as countless black lives are being slain for little to no reason without the killers receiving adequate punishment. A black person should not have to worry that a normal traffic stop could turn into their last moments. A black child should not have to worry if their mom or dad will come home every time they leave their house. Yes, all lives do matter, but right now is the time to bring focus on the fact that black lives matter. I saw this on one of the countless social media discussions and I believe that it accurately shows what I mean by that “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter is like this, Bob is sitting at the dinner table. Everyone else gets a plate of food except Bob. Bob says “Bob Deserves Food”. Everyone at the table responds with “Everyone Deserves Food” and continues eating. All though Everyone Deserves Food is a true statement, it does nothing to actually rectify the fact that BOB HAS NO FOOD!!” All lives matter takes away from the focus that black lives matter. We as society need to pull together to ensure the safety of all individuals. That way all lives are able to live despite their creed, color, occupation or orientation.


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