Love Doesn’t Have a Language

On my dad’s side of the family, I am part of the first generation whose first language is English. My grandparents immigrated from Mexico and became citizens of the USA around 50 years ago. Then when the came to the states, they lived in places with a predominate Hispanic population. So they never really needed to learn English. I grew up hearing Spanish,  I understand it completely. If you give me something in Spanish, I can tell you what you said in English. It’s just speaking that’s my problem. Conjugating, grammar, forming thoughts, sentence structures. It’s hard for my mouth to keep up with my thoughts in English, so to do it in Spanish (and with proper grammar) is like 10 times harder.

My grandparents always seem to think that there’s language barrier that affects our relationship. They say that I need to “learn the language of my people.” But I don’t think there is such thing as a language barrier when it comes to love.

See my great grandmother is almost 103, over my 19 years on this earth we have had few conversations. She only speaks Spanish, I mainly speak English. But more than anything, I know she love me and I love her. She thinks of me daily and has prayed over me every single day since before I was even conceived. She is so proud of me and all that I am becoming. That’s love.

me and welita

Love is such a strong thing that expands beyond something as little as language. Love is more than words stringed together into perfect sentences. Love is better than all the letters, words, phrase, sentences, paragraphs. Love knows no languages. It bonds together the sweetest of relationships that no one can explain. No words can quite describe love.  But in some weird way, love is a language. It’s everyone’s first language. We come out of the womb with love.


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