Growing up without video games in a video game obsessed generation

When I was kid, I didn’t have video games.  It wasn’t that we couldn’t afford them or that my parents didn’t know that we wanted them. They just had a rule for us, that I hated then but appreciate now, was that we were not allowed to have video games. Now it didn’t mean we weren’t allowed to play them at all, like if were with someone who had video games we were allowed to play with them. It just meant that they were just not allowed in our house.

It sucked as a kid not having video games. All the other kids would play together online outside of school, where as my only “gaming” experience was when I would play the games on the Barbie and MyScene website. Everyone had these games and had these connection because of their games. But I couldn’t.  I wanted to have that fun and join those conversations.

But in the end, I feel like it was one of the best decisions my parents could have made.  For me, it allowed for me to play with my neighbor kids and really get to be kid when I had the chance.

It made it so I don’t really care about video games now. I mean they are fun and all, I’m just not all that into them. Currently, I have two game apps on my phone, but I can go weeks and months without even touching them.

I think going up without video games also made me not all that of a competitive person. I mean I like winning, who doesn’t? But if I lose, I’m not all that upset about it.

With video games, everyone wanted the next big thing. I knew I would never get it so, I feel like it made me not care about those trends and just do they things I liked and enjoyed. I never just followed the crowd because of a trend or fad. If I followed a fad, it was because I wanted to not because I wanted to be like everyone else.



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