The No Make-up Movement

Recently, there’s this big “no make-up movement” and people want to know my take on it because I am one of the few bare face females.  So here’s what I got to say about it:

Ever since I was a kid, I was never super girly. I hate shopping, I don’t like getting my nails done, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, and I barely ever wear make-up.

There’s no real rhyme or reason as to why I personally don’t wear make-up, I just don’t. It’s not me. It’s not that I hate make-up, think that it makes somebody unauthentic or any of the many reasons people don’t like women to wear make-up. I just don’t.

People think make-up makes somebody prettier, but I don’t think it does. I think make-up enhances features of an already beautiful face, and shows people those features in a way that they didn’t see them before. It’s like putting a blue piece of lamination over a painting. It doesn’t change the beauty of the picture, it just changes how you see it.

I think if make-up makes a woman feel better about herself then she should wear it. If it makes her more confident, if it empowers her, if it makes her feel more feminine then by all means, wear it. Make-up doesn’t do that for me. I find my confidence, empowerment, and femininity in many different things, it doesn’t make it wrong.. it’s just not my thing and that’s okay.

Now, if you wearing make-up because of someone else, that’s not okay. If you are wearing it to impress somebody, or because you think someone won’t like you without your make-up. That’s when I think it’s crosses the line of not being okay. You should only wear make-up for your pleasure, not anyone else’s.

I think all these women finding their beauty beyond the foundation, eye shadow, and lip gloss is amazing. I think people discovering that their beauty isn’t based on what products you have on your face is great. But I don’t think all women should just boycott make-up. If make-up makes you feel happy or like you’re ready to face the day, you should do it. If it makes you feel tired, fake or like you’re not being you, don’t do it.  Only wear make-up if it helps you be the best version of yourself possible.






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