My three fictional characters

There’s this trend in the YouTube/Facebook realm about people choosing the three fictional characters that they most relate to.  As a child there weren’t really characters in the media that really looked or even acted like me, so it took me a while to find them. But I finally think I got it!

Topanga Lawerence-Matthews
I know I wrote a blog about how I want to be like Topanga (click here to check it out,) but here are the qualities that I share with her. She is quirky and while I was never as quirky as she was, like her I was differentgiphy, but at the same time we
always remained ourselves. She always wants to help others and make the world a better place. She tells it like it is. There was never a guessing game on how Topanga felt, she always let her feelings be known by God and country. She followed what she felt was right regardless of what everyone else was doing or what they wanted her to do. She wasn’t afraid to stand up to anyone who would try to tell her to believe otherwise, either


Lorelai Gilmore

Watching Gilmore Girls, I always wished I was like Rory. But I’m definitely no Rory. Rory is brilliant, she’s a people pleaser, everything she went after she was the best at. As I discovered that I was not Rory, I realized I was Lorelai. Now, my parents and I don’t have that damaged relationship that the Gilmores and Lorelai have, but I always was one to make my own choices and mistakes regardless of what anyone thought. I, like Lorelai, am the person my friends go to when they want a reality check. Lorelai is never afraid to say what is on her mind in whatever way it pops in there. You can count on her for the brutal truth. She talks fast, which is like my only speed. Lorelai is the kind of girl who takes the bull the horns and makes the first move; she kissed Christopher first and asked Luke to
marry her. Even her relationship with Chris mirrors the one of me and my first boyfriend. She believes in the magic of snow and love. She’s also a super strong woman who can stand on her own, which is my ultimate goal in life. She isn’t afraid to walk away from a situation when it’s just not right for her, no matter the cost. And what makes her most like me is that she’s sarcastic as all get out.

Lorelai quote I wish I would have said:

Lorelai: “Why should we date?”
Max: “Because we’re attracted to each other.”
Lorelai: “I am attracted to pie, but I do not feel the need to date pie.”

Lilo Pelekai

I love Lilo. I think she is the most underrated Disney character. I mean even within her own movie, Stitch is more popular than she is. The characteristic that I think makes me like Lilo is that she’s unapologetically herself. She doesn’t want to be like the other girls. She okay with not having a doll like the other girls, she has her Scrump and is happy as can be. I was definitely that kid, I was quirky. I wasn’t cool at all, but I was myself and there was no one else I’d rather be. Lilo is always taking photos and that’s also one of my loves. Lilo is a sassy, loud mouth which is so much like me. I have always loved the scene where she and Nany are arguing. (insert “GO TO YOUR ROOM!” “I’M ALREADY IN MY ROOM!” scene) She is the real sass master. Another thing is Lilo believes there’s good to be found in everyone. Even after Stitch ruins countless items (and job opportunities for Nany) she still believes he could be good. Then her TV series is basically Lilo and Stitch showing his “cousins” they can be good, too. Like Lilo, I want to work with those around me to show them that they have good to offer this world, and can make it a better place.


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