Anything I can do, you can get paid better.

Yes, I am a feminist. Now people have this false image of feminism, that doesn’t mean I want all women to burn their bras and stop shaving their legs. If you do that, that’s cool.. just not my flow.

But I’m feminist because I want equality.

I saw this on Facebook and I have to talk about it:


My generation is generally pro-feminism.  That doesn’t that women can do everything men can do, because women can’t always do the same things as men (and vice versa.) Feminism is the fight for equality; equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunities. If a woman has the ability to perform the task asked of her and wants a certain job, she shouldn’t be disqualified on the basis of gender. If a woman works just as hard as a male counterpart why on earth should she be okay with receiving a lower salary based on her gender!?

I know this is a wacky story but bear with me… Think about feminism like this; you are über bored, so you decide to have a fruit race between an apple and an orange. Now they are both fruit, but you decide because the apple is an apple you’re going to give it a 5 second delay start. Apple didn’t do anything to deserve the penalty, but you decide simply because it’s an apple it doesn’t deserve to start at the same time as the orange. Saying the apple deserves to get the same start time as the orange isn’t saying the apple is any less awesome or unique. But what it is saying is that discrimination or oppression isn’t cool, no matter what you base it on. All citizens of any gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious background deserve the same basic rights and oppritunities.

Women are unique. We have amazing qualities men don’t have. Our personality tendencies are different. The things we are typically good at are different than men, and that’s cool… and what’s really cool is that feminism doesn’t take away from that.

Feminism isn’t saying that men and women are the same. It’s just saying we deserve to be treated just as well as our male counterparts, which every person should be in favor for.


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