Ever since I was  around seven years old, there was something I dreaded more than anything in the world: change. I always loved knowing what I was doing, where I was going, who I was doing it with, when I was doing it, and how it was going to done. Maybe not an super exact plan, but a general plan and if everything didn’t follow that plan I would be upset.  As a kid, my parents would hate to tell me anything because if it didn’t happen like they told me I’d say “I thought you said…”

But this year was a never ending flow of the very thing I hate:  change.

Every month came with a new change. Some challenged me, some changed my entire plan. Some I tackled with eagerness and some I kinda just tumbled through. There were times I thought I wouldn’t made it through, times where I thought it was better to give up. But ultimately, I survived.

I don’t want to think of this year as the worst. Everyone is saying how 2016 is the most awful thing in the world. Yes, it was tough. It was darn hard.  But it brought things that were so sweet. This year I learned a lot. And while 2016 had some of the lowest low, it also brought some of my greatest highs.

One of the greatest things that I take from this year is that change can be good. Change takes you to places you could never imagine. change isn’t meant to be a monster, but rather guiding force. We are always changing, evolving, bettering ourselves into the best people we can be. That change is meant to help us grow and go towards the destiny we were meant for.


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