An open letter to my future child’s biological mother

All my life when little girls were dreaming about their wedding day, I dreamed about being a mother. I thought about my baby, about what type of momma I’d be. But I thought of you, too.

Who are you? Are you my age that I am when I’m writing this? A teenager confused and engulfed in all the major decisions adulthood has imparted on you. Are you the age I am when I meet our sweet soul? Are you just not wanting a baby right now.. or even ever? What’s your story?

Because I want our baby to know your story too. It’s important to them, to me, to you. Whatever is it, we’ll love you regardless.

Today is a day filled with various emotions for the both of us. Both bitter and sweet, several beginnings and one ending. The end of this baby being in your care, now they’ll will be in mine. I want to promise you that I will forever love our little joybug. I’ll always remind them of whom they belong to, both me their father’s and yours. That they are so loved by all of us. That they are so special and important.

You gave me a gift of love. The smile and laughter that will enter my home will soon be irreplaceable. The connection we make will be special.

But I want you to know he’s yours too if you want that. No, you may not always have a say in his/her parenting.. and we might not always agree on everything. But I want you to have as much communication with him/her as you would like.

My connection with out baby is special and important. But so is yours. I want you to get to know our little beam of sunshine and all the ways they’re like each of us. Because a baby can never have too much love in its life. I never want to take them away from you. They need you as much as they need me.

So as you leave the hospital today this isn’t a goodbye. It’s an I’ll write you, I’ll talk to you, I’ll snuggle with you, I’ll laugh with you, I’ll watch you, I’ll play with you, I’ll see you later.



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