What does it mean to be a miracle baby?

Ever since I was a kid, when people greeted me along with saying how they knew my momma or daddy they’d often say “you’re a miracle baby” or “I prayed for you before you were born.” I never got what they meant by that, but now I do so I’ll tell you what I’ve leaened.

What a miracle baby means is for a long, long time your mom and dad wanted you to be in their lives. During that time of waiting there were both joy and sadness. In my case (and maybe yours too) just when they thought that maybe, just maybe (more) babies weren’t in God’s plan, God gave them this “miracle baby.” 

When they found out you were coming, they had this indescribable joy. They wanted to share the news with everyone and anyone, but they were still a little scared. Should they tell anyone about you? What if they told everyone and then they lost you? Would it be too good to be true? 

But it wasn’t, you’re here. What a “miracle baby” means is that they wanted you so much. It means you parents love you sooo much that even the bad days when most parents wonder if they are cut out for the job, your parents don’t worry because they know they were meant for this. 

When your mom has chased you and your siblings around for hours on end making sure you play nice, use manner, and manage not to burn the house down before daddy gets home when she finally get a second to pee, sit down, or just breathe in that moment she thanks God because she wouldn’t want her life any other way. 

You are God’s gift to her and your daddy both. You’re a reminder to them that God’s timing is impeccable and that God’s plan is perfect. You are their answered prayers, you are their miracle baby.


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