Slow down.

Some people stress eat, some pace pace when they’re stressed, some people fidget… I plan.

I don’t know where I started this bad habit. But when I have a problem, I analyze it this way and that way, turn my world upside down until I eventually think of every situation that could has even the slightest chance of happening and think of every solution to fix. No problem goes unnoticed, no problem goes unsolved.

If that doesn’t work, I work myself into a frenzy. I feel like in these moments, my mind in these moments is somewhat like a dog chasing its tail simply fixated on doing the impossible. I go round and round in my mind until I tire myself and able to manage to talk myself off the ledge. 

I need to stop that. It’s not healthy, it doesn’t accomplish anything. 

I need to realize life has imperfection. I don’t need to strive for a flawless plan because there never will be one… and that’s okay. In that moment,  I need to take a step back, calm down, take a breath, slow down.


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