There’s two sides to every coin

This morning I had to catch a flight from Dallas to Baltimore at 7 o’clock this morning. Because Dallas is three hours away, we opted to leave the night before. The hassle of packing early made me grumbly, driving three hours to fly three more then driving one more made me even more grumbly, going on 5 hours of sleep for 48 hours made me quite cranky.

 But as I sit here on the plane headed to my destination, none of it matter now. Right now, I’m watching a beautiful sunrise from a whole new perspective. I get to watch as the sun slowly peeks through the windows. I watch as all these people begin their day. How they are going about their mundane lives, while I’m on an adventure. An adventure to Philly, to see some gorgeous babies and simply love on them. In this moment my lack of sleep seems so worth it. I get to love on some babies.


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