The things I learned from college

I’ve seen several of these kinds of list. I didn’t see anything I related to, but knowing that everyone has extremely different experiences, I wanted to write this in hopes that I provide a different perspective.

Here’s my list:

  1. There are stupid questions, ask them any way.
  2. It’s normal for there to be no “normal.”
  3. It’s okay to have only a few close friends… or a ton.
  4. You don’t have to party to have a good time in college, that’s okay too.
  5. There are times when you ace a test with studying a bit
  6. There are time when you gave it all you got, and you didn’t get the result you deserved.
  7. Not all friends make perfect roommates.
  8. Not all roommates will be perfect friends.
  9. Always go with your gut.
  10. Be open to trying new things.
  11. Books over boys
  12. Best friends over boys
  13. Basically most things over boys
  14. Coming home is good.
  15. When you visit home, you never study. Prepare accordingly.
  16. Plan-castinating is key.
  17. Be set on your destination, but open to where the journey will take you.
  18. Private school is not worth the hype.
  19. Don’t just do something because of someone else.
  20. Microwavable mac and cheese can be brunt.
  21. Soak in every moment.
  22. There are time to speak up. There are times to shut up.
  23. Be humble in all circumstance, good and bad.
  24. Actively choose to be happy.
  25. You don’t choose how people make you feel, but you can choose to not let it define you. Be a duck, let the water roll off of you!
  26. Don’t judge what you don’t understand.
  27. Be open to everyone. Love everyone.
  28. Give second chances, third chances, forth chances.
  29. Different people act differently around different people.
  30. It’s okay to ask for help.
  31. Don’t ever be afraid of hearing a “no.”
  32. Life is too short to care what people think.
  33. You’ll never please everyone, so just please yourself.
  34. Don’t let any one see you sweat.
  35. Check Rate My Professor, before you register for classes. (But also remember #29, that also applies with teachers with classes)
  36. Dreams change as people grow.
  37. Friends feel like they are walking through a revolving door.
  38. Time never will stand still, push through the bad and enjoy the good.
  39. “Advisors” don’t always have the best advice, but they do come in handy.
  40. You will get screwed over, many times.
  41. Nothing is that worth holding a grudge over.
  42. You know who what type of person you are. If you’re not a morning person, avoid 8 am classes like the plague.
  43. Confidence is the key to almost anything.
  44. Find a system that works for you and live by it.
  45. If you’re not completely happy where you are, look for a place you will be.
  46. Group projects are the worst. Online group project is even worse.
  47. If you need extra credit, ask for it.  (Refer to #30 and #31 if you’re still not sure)
  48. Always aim for A’s but, D’s get you degrees!
  49. Nobody quite knows your situation like you.
  50. Comparison is the true killer of happiness.
  51. Find the good in everyone you meet.

If there’s something on the list you think that I missed, please comment below and let me know! What was/is your college experience like?



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