Not Your Average Anything

The day my parents decided on naming me Kristan, instead of the average Kristin/Kristen they should have known, I would always be destined to not fit any mold society place on me. 

Growing up, I never fit in. I was never a girly girl, I never wanted to be a princess. I loathed the idea of shopping, and my Barbies were only touched when other little girls would come over. 

I was a highly opinionated kid that often had an adult way of thinking. I would give advice in “adult conversation” and when my parents would apologize for me butting in to the conversation, they would be met with “no, but she’s right.” My mom would rarely catch me hanging out with kids my own age. I just didn’t fit in with them. 

As I got older I felt that my list only got longer. Not only was I not your average girl or child. I wasn’t your average Mexican-American. I wasn’t your average band kid. I’m not your average teenager. I’m not your average college student. I’m not your average cisgender heterosexual female. I’m not your average liberal. I’m not your average millenial. I’m not your average Christian. I’m not your average anything.

Not being average, made me be a confident in who I was. No matter how hard I try, I knew I would never be “average” so after awhile I didn’t even want to be it.. I didn’t even try. 

People assume things because of what categories I fill, but quickly I show them that stereotypes and prejudices are often wrong. We are all different and meant to stand out. 

We crave so badly to be “average,” that we forget that be us is what really matters. 


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