Brunt Orange and Broken-hearted

Growing up, every Saturday in the fall was filled with burnt orange, hoot, hollering, and Longhorn football. We’ve always been a Longhorn family. I often say I knew the “Eyes of Texas” before I knew my ABC’s. 

My dad went to the University of Texas and my brother goes there now. I’ve spent countless days roaming Austin. Going to and frow, without a care in the world. I never felt unsafe, I never felt like there was a need to worry. 

But this time last year, for the first time since 1966 there was a homicide.. Now 13 months later, another. 

I start to question is this place that I’ve practically grew up in safe? Is it those place that would protect me like I always thought it would? 

I’m sad for the families, for the friends. My heart aches for them. How can you go on when something abrupt happens like this? How do you find peace? I pray that they find comfort in whatever they can during this awful time. 
It could have easily been my brother or at a different school, on a different day it could have been me. We hear these stories about college homicides, but you never think it’ll actually happen near you. Logically, you know it can.. But you’re absolutely certain that it won’t.. Then it does, where do you go from here?

People are trying to affiliate this with one political stance or the other… I think that’s just wrong, let the boy rest in peace. Don’t let him be something you throw in people’s face. “See, this is why…” “See, this is just proof…” No, stop it. It is not your place to use this kid as a ploy for your own political propaganda. Just let the family mourn, give them space to breath. Be respectful.

And as always Hook ’em Horns.


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