Function of Beauty Review

One day in my Multimedia class, I was sitting on the floor and this girl who was standing near me asks “is that glitter or dandruff?” Luckily enough, for me glitter in your hair was a fashion fad of 2009.. But she and I both knew it wasn’t glitter, “oh well.. that’s a lot of glitter.” My jet black hair and the black sweatshirt that I practically lived in at the time didn’t do much to help me, either. Even as my style and hygiene pattern changed (both for the better, thankfully,) I was never able to fully get rid of my dandruff.

So I landed upon this video about someone trying a personalized shampoo. She said she has a dandruff problem and long story short, it helped. I watched another video, same thing.

The videos really made me consider buying. I was a bit hesitant, $34 for 8 ounce for two bottles of shampoo and conditioner is a bit steep. But I figured if it could help my everlasting problem it was worth a shot, at least once right?

I took the quiz and ordered it. It was then that I was plagued with the never ending waiting period… Well it wasn’t actually thaatttt long but when you’re that eager to receive something just one day feels like an eternity.

I order it on the 25th and I got it on the 29th, so in reality it was pretty quick. The same night I got it, I used it. I loved it. The only things I didn’t like too much was how the lavender smell took over everything else (but it was an ingredient use to help my hair so that’s okay) and that when it gets in my eyes it burns (but beauty is pain, right? Also, there’s barely any shampoo that doesn’t burn when it’s in people’s eyes anyway.)

Overall, I WAS IN LOVE.  My hair felt good. It was softer. Typically my hair is constantly itchy, it wasn’t at all. There was no signs of dandruff (or rather what actually was my dry scalp.)

I went into my hairstylist to trim my bangs and get a wash that month. When she saw me, she said that was the best she had seen my hair in a long time. She’s been my hairstylist since I was in 8th grade and I’m a senior in college now, so she when she says  a long time, really does mean a long time.

So it felt good, it looked good, it was actually good. What more could I ask for?

I think, although it is expensive if you have a chronic unresolved hair problem giving the Function of Beauty is definitely worth a shot. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one, I totally would recommend this… On that note, my birthday is in 15 days so if you just dropped this on my door step I wouldn’t cry… Well maybe I would but it would be tears of joy.

If you decide to purchase Function of Beauty be sure to use this link so you can get $5 off and I get $5 off, too!



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