My momma

Being a teenager, older people often tell me “one day you’ll see how amazing your mom is.” It’s always rubbed me the wrong way because the thing is, I’ve never once thought my momma was anything less the most incredible human being I’ve ever met.


My mom is a ball of joy. She works to always spread it everywhere she goes. There’s always laughter in my home because she’s here. My mom is a constant beam of positivity, sharing her light everywhere she goes. My mom’s smile is my favorite feature of her and I’m lucky that it’s always painted across her face.


My mom is so giving. These past couple of years, I’ve seen my mom take on responsibility after responsibility. My mom sees a problem and immediately searches for the solution. She sees a need and fills it. There’s no mountain too high, no task too hard for her to conquer. My mom will go to the end of the world to help anyone.


My mom can do anything. Like, literally anything. As I have grown older, I have only become more certain in the fact that there is absolutely nothing that my mother can not do. Cake decorating, she’s got it. Floral arrangements, she can do it. Party planning, consider it done. Choir directing, she’s done it. Sign making, Shirt designing, singing, backdrop designing, cooking, calligraphy, piano playing, decorating, teaching, she’s a pro at it all. I’ve been blessed to grow up watching my mom doing what she does best, which is everything.


My momma is resilient. She has been through some tough stuff. She’ll tell people her story and they’ll often say “I don’t think I could make it through what you did, I don’t know how you made it,” but I do. She’s strong, strong emotionally, mentally, and most of  all spiritually. Although, she’s small she’s mighty.  She will not be shaken easily. 20160501_185723.jpg

My mom is funny, loving, silly, smart, fun, adventurous. I could keep going all day long, but I think you get my  point. My mom is all around the best person you’ll ever meet. I’m thankful she’s mom (she’s a pro at that too, btw.) I love you, momma. There’s no one on this earth I’d rather be celebrating today.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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