MTMM: Gonna Get over You and Breathe Again

“Gonna Get over You” and “Breathe Again” by: Sara Bareilles

For a good period of time, I had some really close people to me, relationships and friendships that I thought were going to last a long time, for forever really, just disintegrate. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t enough. Β It was really hard for me to let them go, they all left me quite unexpectedly, it kinda left me feeling broken.Β I gave everything I had, I did everything I could, there was nothing that I could do to stop the inevitable from happening.

These songs reminded me during those times that even though I’m not okay now, one day I will be. They were two song I held close to me. Both provided the same ease of “I’ll be okay one day,” but in two different tones. While, Gonna Get over You had a perky, upbeat tone that left me looking up. Breathe Again had a somber tone that allowed me to mourn the broken relationship.

Favorite Lyrics:

“I’ll be alright, just not tonight”

“Hoping someday, I’ll breathe again”


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