Is ADHD a disability?

When I read about celebrities who have ADHD, I kinda get annoyed. Not because they have ADHD, but because often it is worded as such: “(Celebrity) suffers from ADHD.” I don’t suffer from ADHD. I mean some days it feels like my minds running a marathon, while other days feel like I am going through an obstacle course. But when someone does those things we don’t say they suffered from a obstacle course. That’s just weird.

My ADHD isn’t a weakness, it’s a different set of strengths. It’s like when I was a kid, I always thought my brother was smarter than me. That was until I learn about Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. It was then that I realized my brother wasn’t smarter than me, he’s just a different type of smart.

Yes, I may not be able to pay attention in the same situations as you, I may have to ask more questions, I may unconsciously shake my leg, but that just means in other situations where you may struggle in, I may thrive.

We grow up teaching children they are special, no one is quite like you, God broke the mold when He created you. Yet when they grow up, we are trying them to conform them to the standards of other children their age, when all this time you told them they were meant to be different.

So what it takes them a little extra time to pick up reading? So what they aren’t going at the same pace as others? So what they don’t do things the way that you wanted them to? We as a society worry so much about the journey, when it was never about the journey in the first place. It’s about making it to the finish line. It was about who made it to the end.

It reminds me about the story of The Tortoise and the Hare, we prematurely assume that because the tortoise goes at a slower pace that he will lose. But because he is slower he is more determined to finish. It isn’t the best who make it, it’s the determined. The tortoise despite is disadvantages makes it to the finish line, that’s all that matters. Winning the race, that’s just gravy.

My ADHD isn’t a disability. A disability broken down into in its simplest definition is inability to do something. There’s nothing I can’t do. And you can bet your buttons my ADHD has not, can not, will not ever stop me from doing anything my spunky little heart desires.

Heck yeah, it takes me longer to get things done, heck yeah I get side tracked. Heck yeah, I get fixated. Heck yeah, sometimes I hyperfocus on the wrong things. But did I make it? Heck yeah. Why? Because I’m determined to make it happen.

So yeah, I may be different than the pack, but were we ever meant to fit in?


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