The most important thing I learned in 20 years

A couple years ago, I bought this shirt from To Write Love On Her Arms. I bought it because it looked cool and because as simple the quote was it was still profound and true. (Also because suicide and self mutilation prevention is super important and I wanted to support it. #adhdsidenote)

You will need other people. People need other people. For most of my angsty teen years I maintained the idea that I hated people. People were cruel. People did mean and wrong things. People didn’t value everyone for their worth. People would continuously hurt their world around them without concern for others.

After reading and buying this shirt, I began to see how much we as people need other people. You will need to stand in the place for people, be their voice when they are too tired to speak. You’ll need to be a shoulder to cry on. You’ll need to step up to help the hungry and hurting.  

And as much as people need you, you need other people. People who will drop anything to help you get to your appointments. People who will be hooting and hollering for you at your graduation (even though it’s on Thursday at noon and they had call in for work.) People who take you on car ride and get you french fries on your bad days. People who will give you $50, $100, $200 for a fundraiser just because that’s what you want for your birthday. 

People are crazy, while some are truly awful other are super great and genuine. Hopefully, I’m the latter.

 In the end, I realized it was true. People need other people. You will need people to support you, to save you, to cry with you, to rally behind you, to cheer you on, to share in all your joys and sorrows. 

People need other people. It’s important, and as much as we live in a world that strives to be self-reliant we need other people to be there for us to really be able survive in crazy world. 

We need other people. 


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