MMTM: Better Place

Better Place by: Rachel Platten  

Lately, some people in my life have been depressed. They have this little voice that echos in their mind telling them aren’t good enough. They think that the world would be better without them in it.

But that’s not right.. Our world is better with you here. Each of us brings a quality that this world need more of. We all have potential to be the best thing ever. We all have something that makes the world a better place.

Believe it or not, we each have a purpose in this world. We each have facets within our being that makes this world go round. We are so different and unique, when we come together we bring a whole new set of strengths that someone else needs. The world needs each of us.

This song sings to me and I hope to anyone who needs to know the world is a better place since you’ve came along. I promise.

Favorite Lyrics:

“Cause it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again

And the colors are golden and bright again

There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong

It’s a better place since you came along

It’s a better place since you came along”



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